Natural Portraits

This past couple of weeks, I've been hard at work on a new portrait series that mirrors the look of a double exposure photograph taken on film and blends together a starkly lit portrait with a nature photograph. I was first inspired to attempt a plant-portrait composite shot over a year ago after first seeing the amazing double exposure photographs of Alessio Albi. With that mildy successful self-portrait, I hand blended the image of a small succulent plant with my own face, but did not quite achieve the desired effect. This nature portrait composite recently came back up in my head and while researching Albi and others who had done similar works through multiple exposures, I discovered the stunning imagery of Christoffer Relander and his We Are Nature Vol. 1-4 series. While Relander's photographs appeared to be easier to analyze how they'd been shot and created, the compositions were no less impressive. Studying the work that had come before from these two men and infusing my own vision into the mix, I believe I've done justice to both of these influential artists with my new series, Natural Portraits.