Publication of Juggalo Photography

My photography of Juggalos has been used in an article about fashion in different music based subcultures published in Trends+Fun magazine based out of Göttingen, Germany! I even received a photocredit as Jet Yonkin of on the opening page of the article. I couldn't have done this without Faygoluvers Heaven for giving me the chance to photograph so many horrorcore shows and Juggalo events and I'm forever appreciative for the opportunities they've provided.


If you'd like to read the article in English, Nemo of FLH and I have translated it for everyone:

The Juggalos: Where Everyone Can Play

Clown make-up and “whoop whoop” greetings. This is the world of the most hated subculture in the USA. The Juggalos emerged from the fan scene of the Insane Clown Posse, a horrorcore rap duo that rap about horror or gore themes. It's been called a melting pot for “white trash” in the United States and even if they are on the FBI's "Gang" list, the Juggalos and their female counterparts, Juggalettes, are in agreement: they'll condemn anyone because of their appearance and those who have been in an American High School know that.

No matter what type of religion, origin, skin color or lifestyle, whoever wants in their Family can also join – the only admission requirement: You have no objections, from time to time taking a shower with the official Juggalo favorite soda “Faygo,” at “The Gathering of the Juggalos,” for example, a festival where the Juggalos celebrate with concerts, wrestling, and a whole lot of other amusements.