Deadpool Day with Juggalo Culture

Today marks the wide release of the Deadpool movie and to celebrate the Merc with a Mouth, I'd like to share a set from my Juggalo Culture project in which Ani Diabolus sews a Deadpool mask for her boyfriend's cosplay. The two were preparing their costumes just a few days before the comic convention in which they went as Deadpool and Domino.

I’ve been hard at work on Juggalo Culture, my long-term photography project for nearly six months now. This project aims to chronicle the culture that has grown up around the followers of ICP and horrorcore music and it will encompass the good and the bad of the underground scene, both the public face and the private lives of the Juggalo Family. The project is far from finished, but I have completed enough that I am have begun unveiling some of the shoots over at Jet Yonkin Juggalo Photography and there you can also view the first photographs released just this past week: Mouse & Friends Play Morton's List!