The Many Faces of Everett

Building my new website, I've been going through my archives of photographs to decide which would be the best categories to make galleries of and which images I should consider for inclusion on the site. I came across an old portraiture project from my third or fourth semester of school in which I created four separate portraits of one man and strove to not only have each photograph be completely different from the others, but also portray an different aspect of his personality. Knowing that I'd need a complex and interesting subject for such a project, I enlisted the help of Everett Bradford. Over the course of a week, I took him into the studio many times and the result is these four portraits. The first portrays Everett as you'd see him on a normal day, the second shows him in costume as the Lord Chancellor at his job at Medieval Times, the third features him as a gothic gentleman ready for a night at The Church, and finally we see Everett's super villainous alter-ego, Weebles the Clown.