A Quick Word on Cell Phone Photography

This photograph was taken backstage at Medieval Times of the Herald of the North with two lightsabers. It was a very quick spur-of-the-moment image and was only capture with the use of a handy iPhone. While working backstage in the sand, I do not have my larger professional camera and equipment and to get moments such as these, a photographer will use whatever image capturing device is at hand.

Far too many photographers have started to look down upon images taken with smartphones because everyone feels they are a photographer with their camera phone in hand. Now that taking a picture is within everyone's grasp, where is the market for high quality professional photographers? Although this seems like such a new problem, it is one that professional photographers have dealt with many times throughout the history of the medium. When film was developed and marketed, suddenly those who wanted to take pictures didn't have to coat a glass plate in chemicals, expose it, and develop it all right when you captured the image. In 1900 Kodak introduced their Brownie camera, with it anyone could take one hundred snapshots and simply send the camera back in for the film to be developed. This led to the beginning of amateur photography. Other major advancements in camera and film technology made it even easier for the everyman to snap a photo whenever he wanted such as the 35mm camera, Polaroid film, and of course, the digital camera. Now that tiny high-quality digital cameras are in devices that just about everyone has, anyone can take a picture anytime they want. Technology of photography will always advance and in the end, it is the skill and eye of the photographer that will make memorable images that others will enjoy and pay for. Professionals can use the quick-and-easy camera phones to take shots of things they may not have their camera for or is simply going to be used in blogging or social media and amateurs can develop their love for photography and improve their skills until one day they decide to enter the professional world.